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The Pie Lady Story

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Alyssa Bleifuss is a poet, pie maker, entertainer, restauranteur, and is currently a master’s student in clinical psychology. Alyssa began her pie journey as a teenager at a pie shop in the small country town of Snohomish, WA, where she was mentored by the founder of Snohomish Pie Company, Mrs. Pamela Ruth Mack. After suddenly losing her mentor to cancer, Alyssa was determined to recreate what she learned from her country roots and bring her pie craft into a metropolitan area.

Alyssa founded The Seattle Pie Company in 2009 in the heart of the Magnolia neighborhood. She was determined to bring a slice of Pam’s legacy into the city. She flew to San Diego and collaborated with Liz Smothers, the founder of Julian Pie Company to help wth the start up. Eventually, Alyssa discovered that she wanted to put an edge on her pie shop, where she would make the unconventional union of pie and booze.

Since 2012, Alyssa has created a duet of pie and cocktail bars in Seattle’s popular food neighborhoods. Alyssa is the first American entrepreneur to create a bakery bar concept serving homemade slices of pie with cocktails operating during late night hours.

Alyssa’s latest concept, The Pie Lady SoDo is a creative advancement on the dessert bar scene. The SoDo project is focused primarily on pairing Alyssa’s signature fruit pies with red wine pairings.

The evolution of tech resonates with her building a pie empire. “Each pie startup packs a little more punch”. Alyssa equates the evolution of her pie journey to Gladwell’s Theory of Mastery. “I have been inventing and making pies for over twenty years. Pie is my passion. Wine is my passion. I am creating a concept that features both of my favorite subjects in an organic way”.

She just released her poetry book entitled, “A Pie Maker’s Guide to Vulnerability”. Alyssa has partnered with Elsom Cellars, a SODO based winery, to produce The Pie Lady red wine label. She is currently launching A Pie Lady in Elsom Cellars.

Alyssa recently filmed for the Food Network in a show entitled, “Bake You Rich”, which airs in May, 2019. Alyssa incorporates Buddhism, flotation therapy, and mindfulness-based training into her daily routine. She dedicates her work to creative intelligence and social justice.

Alyssa is native to Seattle and resides on a houseboat on The Washington Ship Canal with her three children, two turtles and two cats.