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The Pie Lady & Elsom Cellars

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Elsom Cellars Featuring The Pie Lady…

You never know where a homegrown friendship might lead. Jody Elsom and Alyssa Bleifuss were bound to cross paths. Both women are well-known female artisanal scientists, food and wine entrepreneurs, and masters of their craft in the Seattle food and wine scene; Jody hand making artisanal red wines, and Alyssa hand making delicious sweet and savory pies.

Both women are adventurous in nature. Growing up in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains will do that to you. Alyssa has a passion for the botanical berries the mountain range has to offer. Jody’s passion for Eastern Washington’s Red Mountain AVA led her to focus on the science of winemaking.

Around the time Jody was completing her degree in enology from WSU, Alyssa began her apprenticeship on the science of pie, under Pamela Ruth Mack (Founder, Snohomish Pie Co.). After two decades of mastering their crafts, the ladies have collectively earned a small fleet of local and national accolades. Jody has received numerous prestigious Northwest wine awards for her French inspired red wines, while Alyssa’s pies have a national platform on The Food Network, Bon Appetit, Sunset Magazine, The Travel Channel, and The Cooking Channel.

Both women share a focus on the social justice of women’s privilege, power and access. The ladies use their artisanship platform to strengthen women owned and operated ventures. Jody and Alyssa are both setting the bar high for balancing artisanal entrepreneurship while navigating single motherhood. Both women have two divorces under their belts. They express how important it is to have built a strong community around themselves because it truly takes a village.

According to Alyssa, “That’s how Jody and I met. Our kids brought us together. Before I met Jody, her son starting calling me Mom. Our children sensed that their Moms were similar. We really owe this gift of our partnership to our offspring. They knew what was good for us before we knew it.” I have immense respect for Jody and her ability to function on all cylinders in business while managing to say attuned to her children’s needs. Jody is a breast cancer survivor. She is strong, courageous and beautiful from the inside out. I am honored to be her close friend and business partner,”

Jody adds that she is also thankful to have Alyssa’s pie making talents in the winery. “Alyssa was just featured on a competitive baking show on The Food Network called “Bake You Rich” and used Elsom Cellars as backdrop for set production. She’s also the founder of The Pie Bar and Seattle Pie Company. Her latest brand, The Pie Lady has a Rosie the Riveter edge to it. My brand is also fueled by women. Alyssa initially came to me wanting to collaborate on a red wine label. I happen to have wine from the year that I survived cancer and went through a divorce which I was calling my “Divorce Blend”. Having just gone through a second divorce herself, Alyssa overheard me mention that and jumped in with, “I want it!” Together, we are releasing a new label going by the name, The Pie Lady - Humble Pie Red.”   

Elsom Cellars’ production facilities and tasting room found a home in Seattle’s SoDo neighborhood in 2015. After nearly five years, the winery is expanding its food and wine pairings by featuring The Pie Lady pies made by Alyssa. The Pie Lady is a metropolitan pie shop using fresh fruit and local meats. Alyssa collaborates with local Cascade fruit farmers for the highest quality ingredients.

Upon entering the winery, one can expect to watch pie and wine production in action. Guests can sit down at the assorted wine barrel tops with a spicy glass of 100% Washington Malbec and  fork in hand before digging into the famous Humble Crumble, a triple berry layered with Washington apples and topped with The Pie Lady’s signature streusel. “We want our guests to feel like they are in the middle of it, while tasting our delicious creations,” says Jody. “It’s an interactive food and wine experience, from the distinct smells to watching the artisans work.”  

“The winery has been successful, but I felt it needed an artisanal food component. I built a kitchen in the winery and Alyssa was looking for a home for The Pie Lady. It’s a perfect marriage for our brands,” says Jody.

With the Pie Lady’s debut inside of Elsom Cellars, their new hours of operation will be Wednesday thru Sunday from 12-8pm. The grand opening will be June 20th. Doors will open at 4pm, and we will be airing a special screening of the “Bake You Rich” episode featuring Alyssa and Elsom Cellars at 7:30pm.